Get your Lac des Becs-scie t-shirt !

Inspired by our wonderful new logo,
we have decided to produce T-shirts to share our pride…
Get yours now for just $10 !

Thanks to RONA Dagenais’s sponsorship, we are able to make these t-shirts available to our members below cost…for just $10 each (tax-free)

To order your t-shirts and pay via credit card or PayPal, simply use the order form below. Your order will be hand delivered to the Lac des Becs-scie address you specify on the weekend following placement of your order.

[important] It is imperative that you indicate a Lac des Becs-scie address and phone number so that we can ensure delivery of your order! [/important]

If you would like to arrange a COD delivery or have any other questions, please contact us by email at info@becsscie.com

Limited sizes still available:
Becs-scie delivery address:
Becs-scie phone number:

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