• Lac des Becs-scie is a small lake situated in the municipalities of Saint-Sauveur (83%) and Mille-Isles (17%).
  • The lake has a total area of 0.5 km².
  • A crescent-shaped lake, it is approximately 2.2 km in length and varies in width from 155  to 340 metres.
  • It has a maximum depth of 16.6 metres and an average depth of 5.8 metres.

  • The lake is surrounded by approximately 240 homes with access to the lake, a mix  of both primary residences and vacation homes.
  • There is no public beach or public lake access and there is no navigable passage connecting it to any other body of water, therefore use of the lake is restricted to residents and their guests.

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Restrictions on navigation Hundreds of lakes throughout Quebec are specifically named in federal restrictions regarding motor boats and water skiing. Lac des Becs-Scie is not one of them. Our Association has worked for years to try to serve the needs of all residents and seek a voluntary consensus which will favour safety, sharing, and protection of …

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