Protecting our environment is a top priority for the Association.

Since its inception, the Association  has systematically pursued ecological support for our lake through collaboration with the municipalities, the Conseil regionale de l’environnement des Laurentides (CRE Laurentides), the Quebec environment ministry (MDDEP), and private expert consultants.

Key principles:

  • Environmental protection is a priority of the Association.
  • Apply the principle of precaution. Prevent damage before it becomes irreversible. Reduce phosphate emissions to a minimum throughout the Lac des Becs-scie watershed. Act immediately.
  • Establish an “environmental partnership” between the municipalities and the Association du Lac des Becs-Scie.
  • Lobby the municipalities to adopt, apply and respect all regulatory measures necessary to ensure the protection of the environment , specifically regarding septic systems, use of pesticides and fertilizers, and the protection of the shoreline zone.
  • Provide citizens with clear, credible and timely(annually) information on the state of health of Lac des Becs-scie, the main environmental issues and the various actions being taken.
  • The citizens have the responsibility to maintain the integrity of their property with respect to all environmental constraints and to respect all regulations concerning shoreline protection.
  • Each citizen must adopt a responsible behavior toward the environmental issues which threaten the collective good.
  • We wish to leave to future generations an environment and a place to live that will be at least as healthy as that which we have inherited from our parents.

Consult some of the most recent reports on the health of our lake here:

Consult the presentations of the 2014 Forum National sur les Lacs here. – in french only

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